As I mentioned on Friday’s post, I made our new patio table after our Live Edge Table died this Summer.  We loved that table and considered building the same one again (minus the ice bucket, which was good in theory, but actually ended up being the demise of the table I think.  Mostly due to condensation leaking into the top) so I decided to try something else.  So when I went looking for ideas, I found this tutorial on my friend Rayan’s site, The Design Confidential.

I followed the plan exactly.  My only variation was having to add in 2 more 60 1/2″ 2×6’s for the tabletop in order to create mine.  Our table is 60″ in diameter and seats six comfortably.    I actually think we have more space at this table than our last.

I coated the table in Minwax Pre Stain Conditioner before staining (and after a lot of sanding!) to prep the wood for the actual stain.  I then used a 1:1 mix of Minwax Special Walnut and Classic Gray for the color.  After drying I sealed the wood with a new technique… I have liked the results I got with Marine Varnish before, however over time it peels and flakes off.  After some research I decided to try mixing again, a 1:1 mix of Marine Varnish to Teak Oil.  The Teak Oil allows the Marine Varnish to actually soak into the wood versus just sitting on top coating the wood.  I followed up with three coats of the mixture allowing the proper drying time between.

This sealer created a really beautiful (and non plasticy) finish to the piece.

All in all the table cost about $100 and the most expensive part of the table was actually the Marine Varnish & Teak Oil!

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xo – Kristin