As an Interior Designer, I often pick up items that I think would be perfect for a client’s new space.  And sometimes, I may bring them home and realize that they are perfect for one of my spaces instead.  #OccupationalHazard oops.  This happened last week after I picked up a colorful rug from World Market for my cousins home.
I had it rolled up, simply leaning against the wall in our hallway and continued to glance over, envisioning the rug in my stepson’s room.  So I gave into temptation and unrolled the rug and put it in his room and there it will stay.  Because it gave me all the feels!


Originally, when I created his room I made the space black and white.  I knew him well, but I was not positive what colors he was truly comfortable with.  Black and white were safe.  But over the past two plus years, and multiple hair colors later (his hair is currently purple) I realize that he is more comfortable with color than I originally thought.
While the remainder of the room remains black and white, the addition of the multi color rug really warmed up the space and ties into the rest of the house even more now.
The layout of his room is tough, and now that there is a queen size bed vs the twin we originally had in there (thank goodness I made the headboard extra wide to begin with!!) I decided that layering the rug with the faux white cowhide rug, that has been in there for awhile now, gave the room a more relaxed vibe.   I also have a feeling that this rug will be much more forgiving.
I figured we could always buy another for the cousins house down the line! Ha.  But I just couldn’t part with this one, this time around.  Just look at all of those colors!!
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xo – Kristin
Thank you to World Market for providing the rug and accessories.  All opinions and images are my own.