Back in May, my mom was visiting which means we make our traditional trip to HomeGoods.  While going up and down the aisles I ran across a Kate Spade tablecloth that someone had obviously picked up and had regrets and placed it down in the wrong aisle.  I got super excited but thought… “where would I use this?!”  We no longer have any long rectangular dining tables…  That is when my crazy mind kicked in and I immediately threw it in our cart.
You may remember that when my stepson moved in, we had to move Chloe to our dining room.  The main issue with that was there were no doors.  We solved that on one side by adding a sliding barn door, but the other doorway was not as easy a fix.  It is on a weird angled wall and any way we thought about adding a door in, the swing of the door would never fully open properly.  So we opted to use a drapery panel instead.  And I have to say that it has worked well for us for the past two years.  But I always felt like it was missing something.  The gorgeous green linen panel from LoomDecor looked great from the hall side, but it simply had the white liner on C’s side.  Well who would have thought this all would have been solved with a tablecloth?!!
As I mentioned before, numerous times… I cannot sew.  So, I took the panel down and dropped it off at my upholsterer.  A few days later we returned, panel in hand,  and quickly rehung it.  Voila!!  Adding the tablecloth as a contrast liner was the finishing touch for her little Kate Spade inspired space.

Unfortunately I cannot find the same tablecloth online anymore, but keep your eye out at Homegoods!!  And of course, I did this a week before the new Kate Spade Fabric line came out… which is probably better for my bank account as the tablecloth was only $24.99.  But I am slightly obsessed with the new collection (especially the trims!!).
And while we are on the subject of drapery, you still have a few days to enter to win $250 to LoomDecor. So enter here.
Happy Wednesday!!
xo – Kristin