Being that this has been our Summer of being outdoors, I have been working hard to improve upon our existing exterior.  After completing the lower patio and bocce court a few years back, and of course our black shed makeover, I have completely neglected this side of the shed!  It had been painted, yes.  But other than that, it served no purpose.

I have been desperately trying to tun my black thumb green over the past few years and have successfully planted a dozen azalea bushes, three peony plants and five cherry laurels and my main point here is that they have not died.  Huge, people!  I have astroturf on my upper deck for a reason.  I kill plants, or so I thought.  While not a vibrant green yet, I think my thumb is closer to an olive tone now.


My husband and I were discussing the best use for this space and had mentioned a potting bench.  It could be something multifunctional for us… a potting bench (of course), a project bench when we are creating various projects and then my favorite, a serving piece during outdoor parties.  So right when we were researching to buy or DIY, a dear friend reached out.  Low and behold, her family had just embarked into a new business venture creating these beautiful handmade cedar potting benches and planters.  You all may know my friend too, her name is Whitney and she is the talent behind The Curtis Casa.  Their new company is called Camp Acres and Whitney’s father in law builds every piece with such detail and attention.  When they delivered our bench, I had just built our new outdoor table and was beyond proud… but then I saw the quality of the bench and was brought back down to reality that I have some room for improvement! lol

Each piece arrives disassembled and can be built using the provided hardware.  (Easier than an Ikea piece for sure!) And each piece arrives unfinished.  They are built entirely out of cedar which will inherently hold up to the elements and age beautifully over time.  But if you love the “just like new” look you can use a product such as a Thompsons Water Sealer to seal your piece.
At the moment, Camp Acres will deliver to the Atlanta area.  So if you are local, be sure to check them out!!  But for those of you who are not local, don’t worry! They are looking to expand their delivery to the entire United States soon.

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xo – Kristin