It’s funny when you add something to a space and you don’t really notice the change because it is what you have been mentally visualizing for so long!  That is how I felt when adding these Black and White Cabana Stripe Outdoor Drapery Panels from LoomDecor.  They simply belonged out here.

For the past few years I have been using inexpensive mosquito type netting panels out here as my drapery, which was fine, but they were disposable.  They wouldn’t last a season without blowing around because they were so flimsy, ripping and getting pretty gross from the rain.  I have been looking for something a little more substantial to replace them.  I also knew if I were going to replace them, I wanted them to be Sunbrella fabric to stand up to the elements.  I have had a lot of outdoor fabrics on pillows, cushions, umbrellas, etc… and the ones that have held up the best, have been my Sunbrella Striped Cushions on our lower deck.  I had them made over two years ago and they still look brand new.  So when I saw that LoomDecor now offered Sunbrella Fabric I got very excited…

I have used LoomDecor multiple times in the past in my own home as well as clients and have always been so impressed with the panels upon arrival.  And once you invest in drapery, it is hard to go back to store bought panels.  My favorite feature (with any good drapery) for these Outdoor Panels vs the last ones is that the corners are weighted.  So with the more substantial fabric and the weighted corners it no longer looks as though ghosts are taking over our patio with panels floating around with the slightest breeze.
I choose the Convertible outdoor panels that allow you to hang them via a rod or rings.  And as I always recommend use the rings (and drapery hooks!) you will be shocked at how nicely the panels hang when you do.  The outdoor panels also come unlined or you can have them made double sided so the pattern is visible from all sides of your outdoor space.  We went with one sided as the cabana stripe is almost identical on the back side, but something to think about when using other fabrics.

Another change to our patio that fit right into the space, is our new patio table.  Sadly, our live edge DIY table finally died after almost five years.  So at the beginning of the summer I sought out a different table design (just to switch things up a bit) and decided round would be the way to go this time around.  Now there are plenty of tables in this style available on the market, but I decided to try this on my own and built it myself.  I will share some more details about that process on Monday.  And my new favorite outdoor wood sealer recipe!!

So between the new drapery panels and the new table, the space feels as it was meant to be.  Black, white and striped all over.  And yes, we still love our Astroturf too!!  Now I have a chance for you to update your outdoor space (or any space actually) with a $250 Gift Card to LoomDecor!  You can use it towards any of the products on their site! Window Treatments, Bedding, Pillows, Table Linens and of course Outdoor items as well.  And as always you have the ability to customize your own piece to suit your space perfectly.  To enter, follow this link (here).  The giveaway ends on August 5th!

Drapery Panels provided by LoomDecor.  All opinions and images are my own.