I am so happy it is summer!!  And our family has declared this summer be the “Summer of Fun!”  Basically, my goal is to keep us outside and active vs being a lump in front of all of our devices.  We are a week in, and so far so good.  This also means that we have been cleaning up both of our patios and getting the Bocce Court back in tip top shape.  It is still one of my all time favorite projects.  With our large floating deck and the Bocce Court, we had an awkward space at the end of the court the was feeling a little empty… enter our latest addition.  The Hanging Chair.
I have been eyeing these types of chairs and dreaming of a space to use them.  While I would love to have one inside, our floorpan just does not have a large enough place to accommodate one.  And when looking outdoors, I was nervous to use some of the bamboo versions in fear of them holding up in the elements year round.  So I was thrilled to find this woven resin version from Instyle Modern.  
The only other major issue we had were trees… we have beautiful trees creating a gorgeous canopy over our patio, however not one limb was in a location to hang the chair!  So fortunately, the chair comes with it’s own stand.  But not being able to leave well enough alone, we took the stand to the next level.  
After determining the location we wanted it in, we dug a hole in the ground about 2′ deep and 2′ wide (this picture was taken before we dug the width).  We filled the hole with 100 lbs of quick dry concrete and placed a steel rod into the concrete that was just a little smaller in diameter of the metal arching rod of the stand.  Once the concrete was dry, this left us with about 3′ of the steel rod sticking out of the ground for us to slide the arched stand over.    Now I still get the hanging effect I was originally looking for.
And today it is on sale for $399 and this includes the stand.  So whether you are looking to hang it from a tree, front porch or cement it into the ground like us, you have options!
So while the kids are playing Bocce, you can find me reading a good book in my new favorite chair.
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And for the tutorial on how we built our Bocce Court click here.
xo – Kristin