Laundry Room Set Design with Electrolux

Last Fall, Electrolux and I paired up to create a laundry room design for an upcoming campaign.  This was a dream job, as our “laundry room” is a small closet filled with a small stacker unit.  So having the opportunity to pair their sleek design of their latest Washer and Dryer with a bright and functional space was really exciting.
When beginning the process of designing this laundry room set, I was instantly drawn to the Electrolux blue (which also happens to be my color of choice as of late! Ha!) I went to find my inspiration images and was pulled into spaces filled with beautiful blue cabinetry, patterned wallpaper, floors with interest and little metallic accents.
via Carla Lane Interiors
We took bits and pieces of all of these inspirations and incorporated them into one space featuring the new Electrolux Washer and Dryer pair.  Rich blue Shaker cabinets with plenty of storage for everything a perfect laundry room could need.  A deep farmhouse sink for more utilitarian washing then a standard kitchen sink.  Floating shelves and built in cubbies for easy access to your most needed items.  Gorgeous herringbone wood tile flooring for the added warmth of wood, but the durability of a tile.  And a subtle patterned wall covering to give the space a little more interest and personality… All of these elements combined to create a space that anyone would love to work in.  
These renderings show the look of the final design!  Are you ready to move in?!  I know I am!!
Stay tuned for the reveal soon!!
xo – Kristin
**This post and the set design were created in association with Electrolux featuring their new Washer and Dryer.  All the words and the final design are my own.