How is it already Week 4 of the One Room Challenge?!!! As soon as I think we have plenty of time left, I turn around & it is already Wednesday again.  We had a productive weekend installing all of the light fixtures (however, there was one big surprise!!)  
We started with the most controversial fixtures… I knew that the Reed Sconces from Rejuvenation would be beyond lovely (& functional) mounted over the headboard, but my friends weren’t quite sold.  I told them that we could install them as a plug in sconce, rather than a hardwired, so if after the room was fully assembled & they did not love them they could easily be removed.  (I did order some chrome cord covers so they will look a little more polished in the end.)  
I have to say, that as soon as we opened the boxes, any hesitations were instantly gone.  (Insert a mental image of me doing my happy dance!).  One of the reasons I loved them for this space was for the shape of the headboard.  The sconces seemed to fit perfectly within the scoop.  And the chrome finish brings some more sparkle into the space.
Another layer of light in the space are the nightstand lamps… yes, we have sconces over the headboard & lamps on the nightstands!  An initial complaint about the space was that it felt too dark, even though there is a wall of windows.  So layering in the lamps for ambient lighting & the sconces for task lighting, such as late night reading adds different levels of light to illuminate the space.
Also, we loved my friend’s existing crystal lamps, however they were on the larger side.  The large lamp came with a large footprint which ate up a good majority of the nightstand.  So when looking for new lamps I set out looking for a narrower option.  The Maiden Lamp from Bassett Mirror Company were it!  Their smaller footprint allows for other necessities on the nightstands.  The curvy crystal body relates back to the chandelier & also compliments the art selection mounted behind the nightstands.
Finally, we installed the Crystorama Calypso Chandelier!!  As I mentioned last week, we originally choose the Oil Rubbed Bronze, but quickly decided that the Chrome would be the better choice.   After the frame of the fixture was up (thanks to the husbands, because we were busy making cocktails!) we got started hanging all of the crystals (with gloved hands to avoid finger prints!!) 
The process was a little time consuming, but well worth it.  And we were relieved to learn that Crystorama was smart enough to pack a few extra of each crystal style, because one accidentally fell & broke.  Maybe those cocktails weren’t such a great idea?!  But in the ned, we had plenty of crystals & even a few back ups in case anything were to happen.
Now I need to tackle that closet, dress the bed & accessorize the room.
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