I’ve never really been one for sweet & cutesy murals… but I decided to have a little fun with the bifold doors in Chloe’s room.  These doors, that were previously louvered doors that we easily transformed into paneled doors (tutorial here), have been glossy black for a few years.  They were in need of a new coat of paint, so I decided to take them back to white.  After painting them in a flat white finish, they were a little on the boring side, for a little girl’s room so I figured since I was going for a Kate Spade look, why not go back to my original inspiration for her room.
My eye was instantly drawn to the sweet & chic little umbrella leaning on the door, so I decided to give it a try myself.  I pulled out my real umbrella, placed it against the door & traced the outline with pencil & then sketched a few of the details while I was there.  And then I filled in my outline with some more chalkboard paint, just because I had it on hand.
It turned out better than I was expecting & totally surprised Chloe when she came home from school that day.  She ran over to it & said “I love my umbrella!!”  So regardless if anyone else likes it, she loves it & that is what truly matters, right?!  
Now a few of you who are new to my site might be confused.  I just said the other day that she does not have a closet in her room, well what the heck are these doors then?!!  Our washer & dryer are behind them πŸ™‚
Tomorrow I am going to talk pink paint.  It looks lighter in these photos, but I think I have found the perfect Rose Quartz color, or as I call it “Ballet Tights Pink”.  It has just enough fleshy undertones & just a touch of blue.  Not too sweet & not to beige.
xo – Kristin