Paint can truly be transformative.  A simple can of paint can take a room from calming to energetic, or romantic to playful and all with the stroke of a brush (& a little sweat equity!).  Well I am diving into color head first at the moment & loving the outcome.  
My little girl (who is growing to be not so little anymore!!) has two wardrobes thanks to school uniforms during the week & then play clothes for the rest of her time.  And lets face it… she’s a little girl who loves clothes & how she can express her personality.  Unfortunately, she does not have a real closet in her room.  We have made it work with garment rods added into her builtin bookcase & a small  Ikea Rast “dresser”.  I use quotes for “dresser” because if you are aware of this piece, you understand how small it actually is.  Our most recent solution has been to add two more Rasts to her space & I have ganged them together to create one long dresser… this solution is working wonderfully, except for the fact that we had to rearrange her room to make it happen.  Rearranging her space led to the removal of her floral drapery panels.  And sadly, once these were removed the color vanished from her room.  I looked at her & said “are you ready for your pink room?!” & my girly girl squealed with delight.
Knowing I wanted a pale ballet pink for the majority of the room, I also knew that I wanted another color in the space to add a little sophistication.  An unexpected & bold color that would both be playful & chic.  I went directly to my favorite paint deck from Farrow & Ball & began pining over their beautiful options.  I love how each of their colors has an unfussy undertone of instant sophistication & richness.  An element that is hard to match with other lines.  When looking for the perfect color, I landed on one of their new releases for 2016, Yeabridge Green.  And it is even lovelier in person!!
A perfect compliment to the pink tones I was considering, the leafy color of Yeabridge Green was exactly what I was looking for.  My daughter asked me if Pink & Green go together πŸ™‚  I answered that they absolutely do.  Have you ever seen any pink flowers with green stems?! I asked her… she replied “Oh, I guess they do go together!” ha.
After having my color palette started, I grew upon the pink & green space with pattern & pops of other unexpected colors to bring into her room.  I’m not spilling the beans on where in the space I am using Yeabridge Green… but I will say that I am using it in Full Gloss & it is fabulous!
I’ll be sharing much more about my mood board in the next few days, & have been busy at work creating a bright & colorful space that is void of white walls.
I will be sharing my mood board on Instagram as well.  And if you are inspired by one of Farrow & Ball’s new colours, create your own mood board showcasing the color & share it on IG using the hashtag #MyFavouriteNewColour.  Be sure to tag both me & Farrow & Ball for a chance to win your own Gallon of your chosen Farrow & Ball Paint!! (& let me tell you, a Gallon goes a long way with this paint!!  It covers so well!!)
Happy Wednesday!!
xo – Kristin