When traveling we find ourselves constantly being pulled towards places with great history.  There is something about entering a world so familiar yet from another time.  If available, I usually try to find a historical home tour while vacationing & upon my return, I look at my photos & find similarities to my own home.  
Whether your style is traditional, modern, bohemian there are always elements to appreciate & takeaways from these historical tours, because as we know what was once old is soon new again.  We had the privilege to tour the Rockefeller’s Home on Jekyll Island during our visit last November & these are a few of the details I captured from our trip.  
When touring these homes, rather than looking at the space as a whole, I tend to dissect the space into small details that I can see utilizing in my own designs.  With today’s architecture typically being a little lack luster I find that we are having to add our own character to our own homes.  Incorporating elements such as interesting doorknobs, decorative moulding, smart & functional choices of mirrored doors in a bedroom for dressing… these are things that were lovely decades ago & have stood the test of time.
This is one of the reasons that I like to base my designs in tradition first.  These are elements that will last & can be dressed to suit the trends now & later.  A prime example is the bathroom Mrs. Rockefeller designed for herself.  It looks as though it could fit in any current magazine or scrolling through any Pinterest board thanks to the timeless finishes.  (The pipes below have been disconnected as they are no longer functioning.)
The same goes for moulding… regardless of style, panel moulding will look fresh forever.
And while not timeless, I do applaud Mrs. Rockefeller for her bold choice to outfit each of their homes in Red Velvet Carpeting.  It was something she loved, so it worked for them.  If you love something, do it.
Another home on the Island caught my eye in a way that was so unexpected.  If you would have told me that I would love a green house I would have said you have lost your mind… but this!  This is the Sans Souci & was built in 1896.  It is said to be the first Condominium in the United States with it’s 6 apartments inside.  This building literally took my breath away & has me rethinking my favorite white homes with black accents.
So when traveling across the country, the world or simply your own street I encourage you to keep your eyes & mind open to the details that you may not have noticed before.
I can’t wait to get back to Jekyll Island to soak in more of the sun, history & Southern Charm.  With Spring & Summer approaching I am dreaming of this little Southern Jewel on the coast of Georgia.
xo – Kristin