One of the main issues we have always had with these doors/windows is the window treatments.  Especially now that it is used as a bedroom vs. a dining room, room darkening is necessary.  Curtains are out because the dresser sits against the windows.  I have used roman shades & natural fiber shades, but was not pleased with the aesthetics.  This time, as I was rebuilding this entire wall, I decided to get a little sneaky.  I hid them!!
I purchased some inexpensive blackout roller shades from Ikea that I was able to cut to the correct width & with the measurements of the roller & the mechanism I made a pocket in the millwork/framing when I built the wall!  This way I was left with a pocket to attach the shades & during the day they cannot be seen, but at nap time (if & when that ever happens now!) & at bedtime the shades are pulled & the room is dark!
And since the white vinyl shade was a little on the boring side & I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to fancy it up a bit by painting a fun border detail on the shades with some black craft paint.  This detail ties into a few more elements in the room I will share soon.
(And I am only showing one side, but both are fully functional.)  

xo – Kristin