One of the hardest things for me to change in Chloe’s room was her dollhouse… I had built her a dollhouse a few years ago into the antique fireplace opening.  Sadly, it was one of those things that I really wanted her to play with, but she never really gravitated towards.  It was no longer practical or functional & the insert took up a bit of extra floorspace she could use to play with the toys she does love.  So instead, I went bold. 
I have loved this Kate Spade pattern for awhile now & had it as my desktop wallpaper.  That is actually what inspired the entire color palette for the space.  I looked high & low for a wallpaper that had the same feel & punch of color, but nothing stood up to the original.  I ended up using Photoshop to enlarge the desktop wallpaper download & having it printed & mounted on foam core from Office Max.  I wasn’t sure how the quality would turn out, but the colors are exactly what I wanted & at around $35 if we decide to change the pattern later, it really is no big deal.
Now when it comes to this very pale pink on the walls I have tested & sampled over a dozen colors & I actually painted the entire room twice as the first shade was just too sweet.  I was not going for cotton candy… my goal from the beginning was the color of ballet tights.  The color I finally ended up loving is Sherwin Williams Romance at 50%.  And the 50% was the deciding factor.  At full strength it was a little too much.  
To accessorize her mantel & to keep that Kate Spade fell, I knew I had to incorporate some Neon… fortunately Oh Joy’s new line at Target had the sweetest little LED Heart included in it.  As soon as it was plugged in Chloe & I were both in love!  I also added some art from my hands down favorite Sally Benedict & a sweet little Flamingo print.  The “Imagine the Possibilities” print was a postcard included in my most recent swimsuit purchase from Kate Spade.  I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, so instead, I framed it.
And did you catch that sneak peek of the green leopard rug?!!?!!!  My jaw dropped when I first saw it & had to make it happen somewhere in our home.  I’ll be sharing more of it soon!!
I hope you have a Happy Wednesday!!!  Only two more days until the weekend!  
oh yeah… btw… just a little announcement… I am officially participating in the One Room Challenge!!!  I will be tackling a client’s space & can’t wait to share every detail.  The Challenge begins next Wednesday so be sure to check back!!
xo – Kristin