Buying Decor Books for Less // My Go To Sources

I love decorating with books.  They are functional, interactive & easily switched around.  Kindles are great, but they won’t fill those shelves!!  But lets face it, coffee table books can be expensive & if you are trying to fill a library worth of books into builtins your wallet can be wiped out on books alone!  So here are a few tips of where I get a lot of my books for my own home as well as my clients.  
The first place to go when looking to fill the shelves of any bookcase, if your personal library is feeling a bit light, is to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other large scale thrift store.  For these shopping trips I go in with an open mind as you never know what you might find.  I tend to gravitate towards hardbound books & collections or series of books like the Readers Digest Books.  They are usually compilations of classic stories & all a similar scale, which can be nice for arranging shelves. I have even found that we have been able to pull a few of these down for my son to read for school assignments, bonus!  Any other hard bound books that appear to be a decent condition go in the cart too.  
You can also occasionally score some great coffee table books as well.  I have picked up some beautiful travel books, cookbooks & even some of my favorite design books.  I was probably the only one in the store at the time who knew who Celerie Kemble was, but when I found a few of her books on the shelves I grabbed them like they were hidden treasures that I had just discovered!  Because to me, they were.
If you are looking for a certain book, the thrift stores will not be an option… but the next place I would go is Amazon.  From there I will either search for a particular book, or a genre like Home Decor Books & look at the Used or New Buying Choices.  If you buy a book Used, it will give you a description of Excellent, Very Good, Good, etc… and depending on the title, you can usually save 40-70% buying this way verses new.  I recently purchased a book with a new price of $125 for $29 using this method.  The book ended up being a Library Copy & had the clear protective cover on it.  I removed the clear covering & the book was in perfect condition!  
I have also had luck on eBay searching for specific titles or authors.  But do pay attention to the shipping costs here.  Sometimes they can be as high as the price of the book.
My last source is a site called Books by the Foot.  You can literally buy books by the foot either by genre, style or even color!  Prices vary depending on what you are looking for, but I have used them in the past when a specific color palette was needed to complete the space.
Where are your secret places for purchasing beautiful books?!!!  
xo – Kristin