A lot of my clients prefer to not share their homes on the site… which I totally understand.  So when I paired up with one of my best friends (& fellow blogger) to complete a room in her new home for the One Room Challenge I was so excited to be able to share the process with you all.  It is so fulfilling to be able to create a space for someone & know that they absolutely love every inch of it.  That is what has happened in this space.

Obviously, Cassie is a stylish gal.  And she has never met a pattern or color that she didn’t love or fear to mix.  So when we started designing her space I wanted to bring all of this into one room.  The catch , or Challenge, on this design was that we were working with numerous generous sponsors & began most of our selections from each of the companies.  But I have to say, that looking back I think we would choose the exact same pieces regardless of the products provided.
I strove hard to create a space that didn’t necessarily feel new.  Which is difficult with 13’x10′ of brand new built ins!  By incorporating her existing sofa, coffee table, secretary & accessories we were able to layer a space that feels as if it has been collected & pulled together over the years vs the past six weeks.
Cassie has been the perfect eDesign client as well.  Often times potential clients are confused by the entire eDesign process, but when it comes to installing the space, it simply becomes plug & play.  Literally, this was the rendering we ended up with as the space inspiration six weeks ago… (with the new art added in)
Identical!!  And even better…So bravo Cassie (contractors & the family!) on a picture perfect installation.
I literally jumped up & down when she agreed to go with this gorgeously saturated purple rug… because purple was not one of the colors initially discussed when we spoke at length about the direction of the space.  But as soon as I saw it, I knew it belonged in her home.  We also originally looked at a gray or charcoal for the custom builtins, but we finally ended on Farrow & Balls Hague Blue in Full Gloss.  That gloss people.  It deserves a moment all on it’s own.
We also wavered on having the sofa in a nook within the shelves, but ended up loving the versatility of a standard built in.  Now if she ever wants to switch up the sofa, or rearrange the space she isn’t locked into a specific dimension or hole to have to fill.
Cassie was beyond lucky to find the genius behind this custom artwork.  Dara Burriss brilliantly brought the colors of this space to life in her unique & absolutely stunning artwork.  The vivid hues compliment the space once we saw how it fit into the space, the only place to put it was front & center. She is one to follow!  No wonder Neiman Marcus just picked her up!
When choosing the accent colors, I went straight to the rug.  For someone else’s space, a simple white drapery would have been lovely.  But knowing Cassie I suggested we amp up the color a bit & go full on yellow with the drapery.  And I am so glad we did!  They are a great contrast to the navy built ins & brighten the space up.  Ironically, I have commented on her Secretary & the painting above it before they even moved to this house.  So when we were deciding what was going to live where, I selfishly knew what I wanted to see.  What makes it even sweeter is the fact that her grandmother painted the little lady… I love how art & furniture can instantly tell a story.
Photography: Mary Summers
For more pictures & details for Cassie’s new space, head over to her site today.  Trust me, I am only showing a taste of the space!!
xo – Kristin