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I have shared my philosophy on pattern mixing before, but it is still one of my most asked questions.  Pattern mixing can seem daunting but if you break it down to this simple formula, you too can become a mix master.

My fool proof formula is Movement + Geometric + Small Scale.

Movement // This can be any pattern that evokes some kind of movement.  A floral, animal print, abstract, ikat… I find that these are typically your showstopper fabric & the others help to play off this choice.

Geometric // Whether a trellis, buffalo check or plaid, the geometric option in a medium or large scale can play with almost any fabric in the “Movement” category.  I like to explain to clients who are questioning a floral motif with a trellis that in real life that trailing flowers & vines will grow on a trellis, so they naturally go hand in hand.

Small Scale // While pretty self explanatory, the small scale pattern is any pattern that has elements generally smaller than a quarter.  This can be a textural element, or a printed one.  This category provides the eye a little visual relief & acts as a beautiful supporting role.

This formula works for mixing any patterns in a space, whether you are just mixing pillows on solid upholstery, adding in some patterned drapery or even working with wallpaper.
xo – Kristin