Last month, I shared how our windows were greatly improved with the addition of professionally installed LLumar® Window Film.  This week I wanted to share their Gila® line of films & how you can think outside of the box when using them.  I decided to tackle another project that required a little privacy.

Our good friends have an amazing home.  We have virtually lived at their house (& pool) this summer. They recently purchased some standard cabinets from Ikea to provide additional storage.  This long hallway in between the bathroom, playroom & pool sees a lot of traffic & needs to also allow for multiple storage needs.  My friend loved the amount of storage the cabinets gave, but had mentioned not loving the clear glass fronts as you could see everything, the toilet paper, the paper towels, the swim diapers, etc…  So I recommended that we use a window film on the cabinets to block the view.
During a playdate, I got to work installing the Gila Mirrored Privacy Film to take their clear glass front doors, to mirrored front doors for less than $50 & a little effort.
Gila Film // Mirror Privacy Film 3’x15′ roll
Application Kit // Includes Application Spray, Trim Tool (small knife), Squeegee & Lint Free Cloth
Painters Tape
1 // Gila has a handful of helpful how to install video tutorials available.  I watched the video for the Privacy Film installation before I started anything.  It’s a great way to visualize what you are about to do.
2 // The most important tip (in my opinion) is to start with CLEAN GLASS!  Let me repeat, start with CLEAN GLASS!  Simply spray down your windows & wipe clean using the lint free cloth.  This will allow for the smoothest surface possible for you to apply your film.
3 // Cut your film a little larger than your glass leaving at least a 1″ margin.  Apply a small piece of painters tape to one of the corners.  The tape will easily allow you to peel back the protective clear layer on the film.
4 // In this case, I applied the film to the inside of the cabinet door.  So after opening the door I sprayed down the backside of the glass with the Applicator Spray. Be liberal spraying.  If working with a larger pane of glass I recommend peeling the clear layer back down 1/4 of the way to begin with.  The side of the film that you are removing the clear layer from is the side that will be adhered to the glass.  Spray this side as well.  Place your film on the glass & once it grabs ahold, begin to peel the remainder of the clear layer off.  Use your squeegee to get the majority of your bubbles out & ensure your piece is large enough.
5 //  Using your Edging Tool, run the blade along the frame enclosing the glass.  This tiny blade will easily get into corners & allow for you to get clean cuts.  Peel the excess film away & use your Squeegee to press out an additional bubbles or moisture.  The great thing about this product is, you can peel the film back a little bit if you have a pesky bubble or area that does not seem to be laying smooth. Simply peel back & add some additional Spray.
After you have applied your film, know that it may have a little funhouse effect.  This is due to the moisture that is still sandwiched between the glass & the film.  As soon as that is dry, the new “mirrored” surface is much clearer.
Now the toilet paper, paper towels, etc… can be stored properly without being in direct view.  You can slightly see through the film, but in person you literally have to be an inch away from the glass to view the contents.
This Gila Film as well as many of their other decorative films would be a great solution for kitchen cabinets, to dress up a glass top coffee table, or obviously to enhance your windows.  These products are also perfect for renters as the film simply peels right off, leaving no residue behind.
Gila Film can be purchased from retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon & more.
xo – Kristin
** I was compensated by Gila Film and received product for this post, but the opinions and photos are 100% mine.