How To // Beauty and the Beast Rose Jar

You can’t have a Beauty & the Beast party without the Magic Rose.  I played with a few ways on how to incorporate this element into the party & the Rose Bell Jar Takeaway gift was by far the best option.  The kids were all so excited to get to take one of these home as their Goody Bags.  Here are the materials you will need to make these & a few tips I learned along the way.
Materials //
2 Liter Soda Bottles
Xacto Knife or Box Cutter (Scissors would work too, but I had better luck with a sharp knife)
Fake Roses
Hot Glue
Prizes & Treats to fill them with
Instructions //
For the perfect cloche or bell jar, you are going to want to use a soda bottle that is clear & has as little shape as possible.  After walking the soda aisles to determine my best option, I ended up buying the Store Brand Bottles as they were the most nondescript.  Not to mention the fact they were less expensive.  
To remove the labels & their residue my best trick was to run the adhesive side under warm water & pull the label off while the water is running.  This helps to loosen up the glue.  After the label is removed rub some rubbing alcohol over any residue that is left.
Using a sharp Xacto knife remove the top 1/4 of the soda bottle.  Be sure to leave enough height to fit your roses.  You can go back & clean up your cut with some scissors if you need to.
For the base I actually ended up using the tops from To Go containers we had lying around.  They happened to be the exact size we needed.  But you could easily use pieces of cardboard cut into small rounds.  I had also tried card stock, but it wasn’t quite sturdy enough…
Gather your items to fill the jar.  For the roses, I was shocked at how expensive the fake roses were at the craft store… even on sale! I wasn’t looking to spend a fortune on these things.  The best deal I found were bunches of 6 roses at WalMart for about $4.  I used wire cutters, cut the roses from the bunch & made sure the stems were short enough to fit within the bottles.
The other treats I filled the jars with were rose stickers, a little pink compact mirror, a bouncy ball & a red heart necklace.
Once you place your Rose & treats on the inside, add hot glue to a few spots around the base of the cardboard (or plastic lid).  Not necessarily all around the perimeter to make it easier to open them after the party.  Just enough to keep them together.  I found it was easiest to have the entire piece assembled & filled and add the hot glue to the exterior base to ensure none of the prizes became stuck to the glue.
I was blown away with how sweet these Soda Bottle Cloches turned out! 
xo – Kristin