I would really like a do over for this week… between the dog getting sick, my daughter up all night with swimmers ear & my husband at urgent care yesterday, I have gotten zero accomplished!  The only thing that has been determined through my late nights this week is that I cannot get any work done with my current desk solution & I am desperately missing my office space… (pictured above)
You may remember we turned my office into my teenage stepson’s room when he moved in at the end of last year.  Since then, I have plopped my iMac on my nightstand in the bedroom.  It seemed like the only option at the time.  The problem is, I am an insomniac & get a lot of my work done in the wee hours of the night & can no longer do that as it would disturb my sleeping husband.  I also feel isolated when trying to work during the day, as Chloe is playing elsewhere in the house & I still feel like I need to keep an eye on her.  (Not to mention my stepson & his girlfriend… that’s a new dynamic I have not been used too!)  So I am desperately moving furniture around to find a space that can double as a desk elsewhere in the home.  I may have just found that space, so fingers crossed!  I just need to play with it a little more.
Now that virtually our entire household is on medication and the desk hunt has begun, I might be able to start being productive again!!!  Seriously a foreign concept this year… 
xo – Kristin