Shop My Space // Astroturf Patio

Creating our astroturf patio, we utilized a lot of our existing items & only added in a few new accessories.  My two favorite & crazy inexpensive additions are the Black & White Striped Cabana Cushion Covers & the Drapery.  Both are from Ikea & are $5 or less!  Neither is really intended for outdoor use, but we have used the sheer drapery panels outside for two years & they hold up really well.  And quite honestly, at $3.99 for a pair… if they get ruined it is not really life shattering!  I had used them on one end of the deck for years, but decided to extend the drapery rod & add additional panels this year.  There is a total of 8 panels (4 pairs) used in this space.  As they are thin, grouping multiple panels together provides a more luxe look & in total cost less than $20.  
The striped cabana covers look nearly identical to our lower patio cushions I had custom made!  They are a thicker canvas & while not rated for outdoor use I think they will hold up nicely.  We never leave our pillows out all the time anyways, so they should be just fine.  If you were really worried, you could try some of the Rustoleum NeverWet for fabric on them.  Another thing I love about these pillows is that they are 20×20 which is a great size.  Sometimes Ikea pillows can feel a little under scaled.  These are substantial enough to not look like a postage stamp on a large sofa.
Here are the links to a few of the items used in the space:
Both of the tables were DIY Projects, the lantern was a vintage find & the wooden starburst mirror was a Homegoods find years ago… so I apologize if you were looking for any of those.
Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday!!
xo – Kristin