I have always said that a new rug can instantly change a room, well this was putting that statement to the extreme!  The Home Depot asked me to do a little refresh to one of the patio projects I had done in the years past & after a mishap with the painted floor I created a few years back, we decided to cover the entire deck in astroturf… and I think it was one of the best things we could have done!!  Along with the new “grass”, there are a few decor changes, some more stripes (I’m addicted #sorrynotsorry) and a simple DIY Console table as well.  You can read the whole story & see a lot more pictures of the space over on The Home Depot’s Apron Blog & I will be back next week talking about the space a bit more… like the source for my $5 Pillows!!
I hope you all have a great weekend!!
xo – Kristin