Needing a little injection of color in our hallway, I decided to bring in a few new pieces of art into the space.  This little area has always been an awkward area, but I think I have finally nailed it with these stacked pieces from Atlanta Artist, Sally King Benedict.
I knew I needed a few smaller scaled pieces for this space & was instantly inspired after receiving my 2015 Calendar she cleverly had this year.  Each month has a 5×7 print that can be torn out & used as a postcard… or framed like I have done!  (btw… you can still get the calendars here!)  I choose three of the prints that complimented each other well & when it came to framing them, I knew I wanted to go the custom route.
Going custom on framing can be ridiculously expensive!  Even just having a mat cut properly can sometimes cost more than the actual item you are framing.  But luckily I decided to go with a company called Simply Framed.  Every frame is custom made with every detail chosen by you.  From frame style, to mat options & width to image placement.  I love the option of being able to float your item on top of the matting especially if it has worn edges, or even a scarf!  As my prints had one perforated edge, I made sure that they were framed using a traditional mat.  I also choose the antiqued silver frame to pick up the metallic silver in the wallpaper as well as a few of the brass accents in the space as well.
Once you have built your frame, you are provided with the information & shipping label to ship your artwork to them.  You receive an email once they are received (with a picture of your items!) and are updated throughout the entire process.  A short time later, your prints are returned to you professionally framed, without the insane markup!  They are delivered with the hardware to hang them & instructions as well…
Having these postcards professionally framed really took them to the next level & they are now the perfect fit for this little area.
Btw… for more information on this little space, check out my story on Domino today!
I hope you all have a great Holiday weekend!!  
xo – Kristin