DIY Faux Transoms in the Kitchen

With only 5 days left until the Kitchen Reveal (omg) I am trying to complete a few of our diy projects so the space will be ready!  With our backsplash up (looks good, right?!) it was time to complete the transom detail above our windows.  I decided to add these for two reasons… 1.) I am addicted to traditional moulding details & 2.) I needed a way to stop the tile from running around the entire kitchen as I was going to the ceiling.  This detail provided me that stopping point.
It was a very simple process, that took a few tools & materials.
T O O L S //
Miter Saw
Nail Gun
M A T E R I A L S // 
1/4″ Sanded Plywood cut to the width of your window frame & close to your ceiling height (doesn’t have to meet)
Crown Moulding
1.5″ Flat Trim
.75″ Decorative Trim
Paintable Caulk
I N S T R U C T I O N S //
Have your local store cut down your 1/4″ plywood to size for you.  This will give you a straighter start when constructing your transom.  Attach the 1/4″ plywood with a nail gun above your existing window frame.
Cut the crown to match the width of the plywood at the bottom & add additional side pieces that return back to the walls.  Attach these with your nail gun to the plywood & the ceiling.
Cut your flat trim to attach to the interior perimeter of your plywood.  This is acting as a step & also helping to beef up the profile.  Using a mitered corner helps to provide a more professional look.  This will be attached with the nail gun as well.
The final decorative piece of trim is attached the same way around the perimeter of the board, on top of the flat trim.  The smaller decorative piece adds interest & still allows the flat trim to be seen beneath it.
Once all of your pieces are attached you can run some paintable caulk around all of your seams helping to fill any gaps & create the appearance of one solid unit.  The nail holes can be filled with wood putty & sanded once dry if needed.  
Paint over your entire transom using either a gloss or semi gloss, depending on what is used in the rest of the space.  The idea is to create the feeling that this has been here forever.  I am really pleased with the outcome of the faux transoms & they make the space feel so much taller!
I can’t wait to share the details about my switch plate cover DIY too… check out the difference between the left & the right!! 
Happy Wednesday!!
xo – Kristin