Coordinating Lighting in a Home

sputnik flushmounts // sconces with shades // vintage lucite fixture (no source) // sconces // glass sputnik
When living in a smaller space, or an open floor plan, I find it is important to have all of the lighting feel cohesive.  Creating a similar feel throughout the space will help tie everything together & reinforce your design style.  While I don’t recommend choosing every light fixture from one collection at one store, the idea to have a similar metal profile & overall look will add greatly to your home.  
When looking for a new fixture for my daughter’s room, I knew I really needed to keep this idea in mind as her room is in the center of our home & visible from almost every space.  It lies directly between the kitchen where the two flush mount sputniks at the very top will be & the vintage lucite pendant that lives in our hallway.  I found the the glass adorned sputnik fixture (located at the very bottom) from Lucent Light Shop and knew this would be the perfect fixture to tie the spaces together.  Plus it is a gorgeous flush mount which is really hard to find… The fixture arrived this weekend & we hope to have it up very soon!!!  I can’t wait to share images once it is up.  I can already tell that in the evening, the light shining through the glass discs is going to make for a very fun space.
xo – Kristin