Monday Must Have: Graphic Pillows under $25

Happy Monday!!  Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend.  We were replacing the roof on our black & white shed… jealous aren’t you?! Ha.  
While scouring the web for some graphic pillows this weekend I landed on these & was shocked they were all under $25!!!  (Most are under $20!)  These little guys are big on style & small on budget, who does;t love that.  When pillows come this inexpensive… I usually like to open up one of the seams (because there usually isn’t a zipper) add in my own down insert & hand stitch the seam closed.  This will make an inexpensive throw pillow really have presence & feel luxe.  All in, you will still come out less than a usual designer pillow.  Little touches like that can really elevate your space.
xo – Kristin