When starting our Kitchen Design process, we took into account our appliance needs.  Having a fairly new refrigerator & just replacing our dishwasher a few months ago, we decided to update our Gas Range & Microwave.  In a tight space, we need the layout, as well as the appliances to all work well together.  And not knowing what our end layout would be, I wanted to go into the initial design meeting with appliance options that were on the top of our list.
Simply by virtue of our existing layout & the space available, I was 95% sure that we would need to retain a freestanding range.  But again, wanted to go in with a slide in range option in my back pocket in case the kitchen designer & I were able to make that work in the new layout.  The microwave was also taken into consideration… over the range or built in?!  Obviously, built in would be ideal, but with the space & other necessities over the range would probably win out.
When researching GE Appliances, I came across a few options that I wasn’t aware of … The Gas Range options came with the standard oven & warming drawer feature.  This was similar to our older model & quite honestly… I never used the bottom drawer.  So when I saw there was a double oven option I fell in love with the idea of having an additional oven in our small space.  This would make life a lot easier when entertaining as both ovens operate separately from each other & I could be baking a cake in one & braising carrots in the other!  It also replaces the standard four burners into five. The middle burner is elongated to help with those larger pots & the grate can be replaced with the included griddle.  Perfect for Chloe’s favorite chocolate chip pancakes.
I started looking into the microwaves, expecting the basic features and came across quite possibly the coolest microwave ever.  Seriously… I had no idea I could get this excited about a microwave.  Technically, it’s an oven with a Microwave feature.  That’s right… I could go from one oven in our kitchen to three!  The Advantium Technology allows for this oven to be a convection oven, a microwave, toaster oven & broiler all in one.  So not only were we eliminating one counter top appliance by replacing our existing microwave, we were going to be able to replace our toaster oven as well… I need the hands in the air emoji right now because that just cleared up more counter space for us.
So with my ideal ranges & microwaves in tow, I went into the design meeting ready for anything.  Next week I will be discussing the design plans & the final layout we decided on… and which appliances won out in the end.
xo – Kristin  
* This post was written in collaboration with GE Appliances.  All opinions are my own… as a GE appliance owner for years, we know & love their products.