Final Boy’s Room details today… These casual drapery panels were just about the easiest “diy” to date.   All I did was embellish Ikea Ready Made Drapery Panels with a grid work pattern using Black Grosgrain ribbon.   I was planning on attaching the ribbon with some iron-on hem tape, but as I was purchasing all of my materials, at the local craft store, on December 22nd…. I was surrounded by holiday shopping mayhem & 30 people deep lines & grabbed the wrong thing, but it worked great!  I used Aleene’s Peel & Stick Tape, which is specifically designed for fabric to fabric adhesion.  The double sided tape is extremely sticky & delicate, but relatively simple to work with.   I will recommend that you use the thickest width you can find.  I used the 1″ thick tape for my 1 1/2″ thick ribbon for 90% of my project.  I had to resort to the thinner version for the remainder and was not as pleased.  Doubling up was a little more challenging.
I normally prefer a more tailored drape/rod detail & swear by drapery hooks, but felt the look I was going for in this space was definitely more relaxed.  This is the first time I have ever used clips… and love the feel for this room.  I had originally hung a black drapery rod & the panels looked like ghosts floating in mid air!  And quickly changed my mind to these Martha Stewart Living Wooden Rods & Rings from Home Depot.  The fantastic thing about these Rods is that they are easily cut to size to create a custom look.
And last but not least, the most dramatic part of the makeover, the paint.  I used Behr Paint in Flat for the walls & gloss for the trim to really make the two contrast well.  And I used the same Home Decorators Collection for Behr Paint Color that we used on our Living Room & Bathroom Ceilings, Totally Black.  It is a great true black.
I am so glad you all have loved this room so much.  I was honestly a bit paralyzed when it came to the idea of designing a 15 year old boy’s space, but am so glad I trusted my gut & went for it.  And the best part is, he loves it.
Other details about this room can be found in the following links:
Happy Friday loves!!
xo – Kristin