Our tiniest space got a major facelift these past few months.  Major.  I had mentioned a few months back that I was working with Kohler & their new Tailored Vanity Program to update our space.  Knowing that I absolutely loved our classic Black & White Bathroom, I wanted the vanity area to meet the potential that I knew it had.  As a reminder… here is the Before & After:
The original vanity was white (which was it’s only saving grace in my book) but it was also made of press board & laminate.  The pressboard had swollen from water damage & the laminate had been peeling for some time.  It also posed a problem… the drawers (positioned on the right) when opened would block the bathroom door not allowing it to open.  It also lacked in the storage department.  Which is a very big deal when you only have one bathroom & a family of three.
Knowing that I wanted a white vanity again, I narrowed my options using Kohler’s Tailored Vanity Collection.  They have created a mix & match variety of vanity systems that allows you to outfit your bathroom completely in Kohler quality.  You choose your base, your top & faucet… from there you can even choose your mirror, lighting & storage accessories.  You choose what you want & create a semi custom vanity that is perfect for you & your space.
I went with the Damask Style as it had the classic lines I adore.  I also choose the option of having it on decorative feet vs a standard base (which is also available)  I love the way it feels more like a piece of furniture.  There were a variety of door configuration options as well.  The designer in me really wanted the symmetrical version, but the function aspect won over & I choose the three drawer & door option.  Making sure to have the drawers on the left this time!
Now it was time to choose my vanity top/sink as well as the faucet.  I love the white ceramic tile in our bathroom & felt the white Ceramic Impressions sink really complemented the space.  For the faucet I went more modern to offset the more traditional base.  The Purist Faucet in Moderne Vibrant Gold is just about my favorite thing… isn’t it glamorous?!!! Yes, it is modern, but I love the nod to tradition with the x handles.  The faucet acts as a piece of artwork in the space & after visiting the Kohler Factory a few weeks back, each of these pieces really are art.  I have a new appreciation for bathroom fixtures after watching everything be made from scratch.
Having to step up the decor in the rest of the space, I added a lucite towel bar from CB2 complete with a monogrammed hand towel from Lester Lous Designs.  
And topped that off with a beautiful photograph by my friend Ashley Woodson Bailey.  She photographs each of her floral creations & edits each of them using only her iPhone.  You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.  I know.  I choose her piece entitled “Dream” as the darks & lights simply were made for this space!  It’s always difficult to make the over the potty space glam, but her work does the trick!
We also glammed up our toilet paper… I mean, is this not the prettiest Toilet Paper holder you have ever seen?!
Again, our tight space only allows for so many configurations… so we had to add the TP holder back onto the side of the vanity.  I will say that this vertical configuration has made my job as a mom so much easier.  My four year old would knock the roll off of the old holder every. single. time.  Then I would hear the “Moooooommmmmmmm!” & of course I knew exactly what that meant.  Now it can not be knocked off & I have retained a little more sanity.  Notice I said a little.
Another lifesaver has been our new medicine cabinet.  It is clean & streamlined which I love & the storage space inside has left us with no need to leave anything out on the counters.  I’ll be sharing more about the storage features later this week, so stay tuned!
Making the switch from a dated over head sconce to the two Purist Sconces was such a great move.  The two lights flanking the mirror provide the perfect amount of light for applying make up & the white diffusers also help to make you feel a little better about yourself in the morning… Nothing like an abrasive overhead light to make you feel great in the morning. { Insert sarcastic eye roll here } Besides being completely beautiful, which they are…
They have a secret feature at night…
The built in blue LED nightlight turns on once it’s dark enough & stays on the entire night.  The blue shade is just enough light for you to see, but not abrasive enough to wake you up.  My daughter loves these lights & no longer feels the need to wake everyone up at night.
We finished off the room with a new black ceiling & a little area rug from eSale Rugs (it was the only one!!! Sorry!)  I just couldn’t say no to those colors.
As I said before, I’ll be sharing all of the storage features later this week. Between an extra drawer, the medicine cabinet & even hidden outlets!! we feel like we gained a linen closet in our bathroom!  I kid.  Kind of…
Be sure to check out the entire Kohler Tailored Vanity collection.  There are designs to meet every style & layout.
xo – K
**Please Note: Kohler did provide the Vanity and all coordinating products.  The opinions & images are entirely mine.  They really are well made, beautiful products.