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After The Home Depot, along with their Home Decorators Collection, approached me with the idea of recreating our entire living using products only found in their stores… I jumped at the chance.  I know most of you all are not having Custom Sofas made & shopping at Design Centers to create your dream spaces, you too are going to Big Box stores to create your space.  
I feel that I was able to create a space that is completely true to my layered, design aesthetic that looks nothing like a “set” from a store.  Which was my main goal.  It is completely possible to shop for one space without falling victim to the “set” mentality.  By mixing finishes, textures, colors & styles we now have a cohesive space that feels like it has been collected over time.
I started off with a plan… 
I kept a very similar layout to our last Living Room, however this time by selecting items that were better scaled to the space (unlike our previous monster of a chaise, big mistake of a purchase) the space feels larger & is much more functional.  The entire space centered around the one item I was asked to use in the space… an electric fireplace.  I must say, I was a little nervous at first at the thought of a plug in fireplace, but I was pleasantly surprised once it found it’s way into the room.
My favorite part about it is that it also serves as our media cabinet now.  The top portion pulls off to reveal a hidden compartment which now holds all of the unsightly media boxes.  It also has hidden storage on either side to store away dvds… The ambiance it provides is a great addition to the space, & my husband loves the fact that it actually will heat our space as well.  Great now that the cooler Fall nights are starting to roll in.
I also personalized the fireplace by adding my own pulls.
The traditional detailing on the fireplace inspired me to add some millwork to the rest of the space.  By using a miter saw, nail gun & some off the shelf moulding I added instant character to our builder basic home.  I added a grid to our end wall & also added framed panels on each of the other walls to really tie the entire look together.
I love how the added grid on this feature wall allows the Sole Mirror to stand off and cast additional shadows throughout the day.  
While I decided to keep the walls white, I did brighten the shade by using Whisper White from the Home Decorators Collection for Behr Paint.  If you are looking for a true white… this is it!  I did go for some major drama on the ceiling by going with Totally Black!  My husband was a little scared to go that dark in a small space, but man did it make all the difference in the world!  The space feels so luxe now & it actually feels larger!  
Now the one thing I knew going into this project, was that there was no way I would be able to get rid of a ceiling fan in our space.  That is the one item my husband has to have!  Well, that & A comfy chair… So if I was going to be putting a fan in this space, I had to up the style factor. 
We never used the overhead light kit on our last ceiling fan, so there was no need to get one this time around.  I went with an uber modern, clean design but decided to pair it with a very traditional ceiling medallion.  This was a great compromise for both style & function.
To offset the new dark ceiling & our existing sofa, I went with Ivory Linen Drapery Panels & some classic blinds to soften the look.
When adding the main furniture throughout the space, I went with very classic pieces.  These are all designs that have stood the test of time & can grow with us.  Personality is then added throughout the accessories.  Like the throw pillows & a turquoise lamp.
To balance off the varying arm heights, I choose this larger feature table.  At 31″ tall, it is taller than your usual side table, but due to the visual weight of the tufted chair it really helps to act as an anchor for the seating arrangement.  The rustic nature of the finish really pairs nicely with the metallic finishes throughout the space.  It helps to add a sense of warmth…
As our space is relatively small, I went with two very large (& very heavy!) floor mirrors on either side of the window.  This helps to give the illusion of a larger space, it also helps to bounce more light throughout the room.  The slight antiquing on them is my favorite element.  It adds yet another layer & keeps them from feeling matchy with the mirrored coffee table.
I am a sucker for Vintage Portraits & while I have been looking at Antique Malls & Flea Markets, I have been left with nothing…. so imagine my surprise when I found our new artwork through Home Decorators Collection!  They have an entire custom art program where you can choose from thousands of pieces & have them printed as a canvas or a framed piece.  I felt that the large canvas really added an eclectic touch, especially when paired with our existing bar cart & lamp.
The one thing that inspired this entire room, was this rug.  It is traditional in design, but in these beautiful rich pink tones with light aqua accents it is so fresh & vibrant.  It helps to balance the stark black & white of the space & definitely packs a punch in the color department.  
I am head over heels in love with our new living room and am so pleased we were able to complete this space with products from The Home Depot & Home Decorators Collection.  It was such an amazing experience to watch it all come together so fast.  See for yourself, the entire process was caught on camera!!  There are a few short videos here… so stay tuned after each break!


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