We just received our last package for our little bathroom vanity overhaul & demolition has officially begun!  I am very excited to get the new vanity/mirror situation in the actual bathroom rather than it’s current location, my office.  Every time we have someone over they are like “Oh, you are putting a vanity in your office!?” as they smile politely with a “what the bleep are you thinking expression on their face”… eh, no.  In the bathroom it goes!!
But while I was designing our little space, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Cassie from HI Sugarplum, mentioned she was about to tackle her kids bathroom too.  It’s nice to talk similar projects with friends, so when she said she would love to know what I would do with the space… I sent her the mood board above. 
After seeing some of her pins & hearing her describe the space, I knew that she needed something classic, but still fun.  My favorite part is this Julia Rothman wallpaper from Hygge & West.  Everyone is using it in the lighter colorways, but I thought the dark gray with the kelly green could easily be masculine enough for a boy & girl shared bath.
Demo started yesterday at her house!  So be sure to follow her bathroom progress as well to see what ideas she went with!!