Foraged Flowers – Flower Arranging Made Easy

My favorite new trend is in floral decor.  Wildly gorgeous full floral arrangements, literally dripping with foliage.  You’ve all seen them around as of late.  And I even shared a How To link last week from Mandy | Waiting on Martha on Lindsey Coletta’s work.  Lindsey shared some tips & tricks in the post that were truly helpful.
Knowing I have a few shoots & events of my own coming up, I decided to jump on board & tackle my first foraged arrangement.  I went into the yard, sharp scissors in hand & simply snipped off whatever I found to be attractive.  I would love to tell you exactly what I used… but I have no idea.  We inherited most of these plants.  I know there is some Azalea & Dogwood in there!  
My favorite tip is to use a wide mouthed vessel.  I used my MIL’s silver ice bucket.  Which just so happens to be my favorite vase, well, ever.  The beauty of these arrangements is to pack them full of flowers & foliage to be able to create that lush look.
If I were to purchase this from a Florist, the price would be up there.  This beauty was completely found & free!  But, I think it looks like a million bucks.  How great would an arrangement like this be for your next hostess gift or Mother’s Day!?!!!
I hope you all are having a fabulous week!!!
x o – Kristin