Orangerie Eggs lovers!!!  How lovely are these little decoupaged beauties?!  Inspired by our own living room decor, I decided to make our Easter Eggs full on floral this year.  This simple project is completed just like any other decoupage project: an image on paper or fabric, a glue medium & your surface (the egg).  I printed the beautiful Designers Guild fabric image from their website on my printer // link here. I then cut the flowers out individually & proceeded to glue them on my egg using a decoupage medium & a small paint brush.  I used my fingers to work out the tiny wrinkles & made sure the images were adhered.  My medium was simply a mixture of equal parts water to white school glue.  I continued to layer my flowers until the whole egg was covered & was thrilled with how convincing they turned out. 
Going for the full effect, I added in some spotted eggs as well, which were done with a black sharpie!  Love!  I really wish I would have used wooden eggs… simply because I love them so much.
x o – Kristin