DIY Succulent Planter // $100 Giveaway

I don’t know about you all, but I buy candles not only for their wonderful scents but for their beautiful holders.  (And in the hopes they don’t leave soot all over my living room…)  If it’s between a little metal tin & a cut glass jar, I am going with the one in the cut glass jar.  I suppose this is because I know that a candle’s life is sadly fleeting & I know that after the last flame has been blown out I can continue to use the pretty package as a gorgeous pencil holder, a great cup for displaying my favorite stainless steel straws or in this case a lovely little planter.  
First things first… Removing the wax.  After your candle has melted, take a knife & score the bottom of the wax down to the base of your candle holder.  Then fill the vessel up with hot water & let sit.  A few minutes later your remaining wax & wick will float to the top.  Voila!
Rinse your newly candle free container with some warm sudsy water.  I like using Mr. Clean with Febreze as it is super concentrated & does most of the work for me.  Dry it out with some super absorbent Bounty Paper Towels & then you are ready to start planting.
As most of these containers have no holes in them, I recommend using a small layer of rocks in the bottom for drainage.  This will keep your soil from sitting directly in any water.  Luckily I had some extra rocks lying around as my daughter likes to collect them when we are playing outside.  Otherwise you can pick up a bag of gravel at the Home Depot for a few bucks.
Layer in your soil & add in your favorite succulents.  I like using Cactus Soil as it maintains a better moisture level for these little lovelies.  
They instantly add a little feeling of Spring to any interior & require very little maintenance.  I have my best luck when I ignore them & then lightly water when I think to myself “Oh the Succulents!” Same goes for my Fiddle Leaf Fig.  It’s not a scientific method by any means, but it works for me.  If I over think them, I over water them.  And then they hate me! lol
While I adore Succulents… they aren’s quite as fragrant as flowers.  And in our home, we could always use a little Spring Renewal, I like to use Febreze Air Effects to help breathe a new life into our home.
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x o – Kristin
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