Woot Woot!!  If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I am once again participating in Home Depot’s Patio Style Challenge!!  If you are new & aren’t familiar, the Patio Style Challenge is where Home Depot sends each participant some sort of Outdoor Patio Set & we are to create a space around it.  And as you know, I love to tease, especially on Instagram, during the whole experience without actually giving the project away.  I’m sure some of you have a question or two, so here are a couple facts about this years project:
We are not touching the space we did last year.  New. Space. Entirely. hint hint

Guaranteed & already ordered… Astroturf & Flamingos.  No joke.  It’s happening.
We have already taken down a tree (a dead tree, no hating please) to make room.
& that is all you get.  So if you want to see all of my little teases & follow the other participants you can follow the hashtag #HomeDepotStyleChallenge on Instagram & you can see all of our outdoor inspiration on this Pinterest Board.
So between this, the Creating with the Stars competition & two other yet to be mentioned projects I am going to be pretty busy this next month.  If you need me I’ll be covered in paint/dirt/sweat/tears either separately or in some combination over the next few weeks.
Hope y’all are having a great week!!
x o – Kristin