Ghost Chairs at a Say What Price!!

Chloe’s baby ghost chair got parents yesterday… And I have been doing a happy dance ever since!  I have been wanting the adult sized versions for nearly a decade.  I’d come close a few times before, but never bit the bullet.  
While pulling for a client (& an uber cool, OMG, say what??!! personal project) I found a source for a more affordable version… ahem… a knockoff.  Sometimes that is just a place you have to go to get the look for less.  I’ve seen a lot of the knockoffs around & some of them were still a tad pricey at times.  This price seemed to good to be true.  So I had to look into this for myself.  I mean seriously people, to good to be true!  You know what I am talking about.  You order it & when it’s delivered it’s a picture of a chair, or a dollhouse version.  Well folks, I am pleased to report that these are in fact full size, not collapsing underneath you well built beautiful chairs!  Are you ready for this price?!?!!!  $54.99
I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaws up off the floor…… 
Yes, $54.99.  The original version is $330.  Hence the reason I said “I’ll take two!”  Do you need another moment?! 
Please note I ordered the narrow version.  They have a regular width at this link for $68.99, but you have to buy these in quantities of four.
They also have the armed version for $64.99 & the Chiavari Style for $65.99.  You are doing the happy dance now too aren’t you.  
This the end of my PSA on affordable chairs for the day.
x o – Kristin