Holy 2013 Batman!  Wow.  This year has been full of ups & downs, but most of the ups were due to this blog and most of all you all!  Here are some of your favorite projects & posts from over the past year.  
Thanks to your product/monetary donations, support & a lot of creativity we were able to turn this sad linoleum & wood paneled room into a space that any young woman would like to call home.  You all loved the bedding, paint color (almost aqua) & the gold striped duct tape fridge the most!

Just for reference… this was the before!
This was definitely one of my easiest projects this year & I was blown away with how well they have held up.  You all will be seeing these again (and maybe some more) in the Spring & Summer posts.  And yes, there are already big talks & possible collaborations for a Spring Project! #alwaysplanning
The terracotta pots were just one of the many projects completed to redesign our patio this year.  Again, big thanks to the Home Depot for letting us play again in their Style Challenge!  
I think personally I was most pleased with this project as they replaced the worlds ugliest space ship flush mount light fixtures.  Sorry babe, I know you liked them.  For under $100 for both these really have up’ed the style factor in our tiny kitchen.
You all LOVED this one!  Like crazy loved!  So, thank you πŸ™‚ I do too…
I love my desk! And it might be on the move in the new year… but all pieces will stay together.
I feel I improve every time I pick up my camera.  So these were just a few things that I have learned along this past two years of playing with my favorite tool.
Client Projects
You all also loved two of my clients projects this year.  And the best part is… they are friends!  So it’s fun to be able to feature them together.
(this was also just named one of Babyletto’s Best Nurseries of the Year!)
As you all know there are already a few projects in the works for 2014.  The first reveal will come next week!  Chloe’s new room will be completed & up.  I can’t wait to share this one.
I also have a few more collaborations in the works for early next year with some pretty major brands that I know you all love.
Thanks again for an amazing year here at the Hunted Interior. I hope you all have a great New Years Eve & I’ll be sending you a cheers from the comfort of our new sofa!!  That’s right.  The brown one is GONE!!!
x o – Kristin