Our striped hallway underwent a drastic makeover this past month.  The brown stripes were the last remaining bit of brown paint left in the house so when I was approached by Wallpaper Direct to use some of their product (which is now available in the United States!!!!) I jumped at the chance to update this little space.  I choose this gorgeous white paper that has a very subtle overscaled floral print that looks hand drawn with metallic silver.  I love the fact that the pattern comes & goes depending on how the light hits it.  MY husband (who hates wallpaper!) even commented on how subtle the pattern appears.  He was concerned when i mentioned the words “floral” & “wallpaper”.  
I was fortunate enough to have my mother in town when the paper was delivered.  I was self admittedly terrified to try to hang this by myself & was anxious to learn.  But the room ended up being so small & with Chloe running around I ended up just letting her work while I entertained the little lady.  
While in the middle of this project we decided to switch Chloe’s room to the dining room.  This meant determining a solution for a door on this angled entry.  We decided to hang a heavy velvet drapery panel from World Market as a door doesn’t work in this space.  I used a drapery rod from Homegoods that I spray painted gold.  She is already pretending it’s her stage entry.  You can also see another door project we’ve been working on (it is almost done!!)
We kept our brass quilt rack in the space & added a thrifted mirror & some plates I have had from a previous project.  I love how the silver & gold help to tie the entire house together.  Which is great, because this tiny space (with six doors!!!) is literally the center of the home.
I also used a doorknob I had on hand as a tie back for the drapery.  This way we can keep it pulled back during the day & let it go when Chloe is ready for bed.
This may be my favorite vintage find ever.  This lucite mid century beauty was an Etsy find & is in perfect condition.  The scale is so much better than our previous fixture.  I love how it glows at night.  The best part… I found out the exact fixture had sold on Jayson Home for $600!!!!  Ours was not nearly that much!! 
I also decided to try something I have been dying to install in a space.  A beveled glass switch plate!!  Swoon.  It just adds to the glamour of this little room.  And I think it was totally worth the $11 price tag!  
x o – K