First off HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  I hope you all are enjoying your friends and family as much as we are.  As you may know, we decided at the last minute to drive to my in law’s house for the week as our home is in major transition mode right now!  Luckily I was fortunate enough to try the Silhouette Printer this past week & it is making her room go so much faster!  More on that in a minute…
I do want to share with you Black Friday Shoppers that Silhouette America is offering an amazing sale now through December 8th.  So if you have ever contemplated getting one of these machines… now is a great time to get one!!
Here is the key… you have to enter the promo code HUNTED to receive these great deals.
I have only had the Silhouette for just over a week & have completed three vastly different projects with it.  Seriously, the machine was delivered around 6pm & my first project was done by 8pm.  That included reading the instructions, creating my design & feeding Chloe dinner.  Not too shabby.
In moving Chloe into the dining room we have decided to keep our faux fireplace & the large mirror over the mantel.  While I adore this mirror, I wanted the ability to add a fun & whimsical touch to it without permanently altering it.  Enter Silhouette’s Gold Vinyl & a line from one of my favorite songs!

Isn’t it lovely?!?!!!
My favorite part about the Silhouette is the ability to use your own designs & fonts you already have on your computer.  You aren’t restricted by only using their designs (which they have tons of!) but you all know I have a tendency to add my own spin on our projects.
I downloaded the included software, entered in my text (with one of my favorite fonts, Lust) and positioned them accordingly.  As my transfer paper hadn’t come in yet (& my patience could not wait!!) I used strips of lint roller paper to transfer my vinyl design onto the mirror.  (It worked great!!)  I love how placing it on the mirror gave it an almost 3D effect.
I know most of you all don’t want anymore previews of her room (thanks to an Instagram poll I took) so this is it for now!  But know that there are a few more Silhouette projects to come.
You’re ready to order yours now aren’t you?!?  I love it!
Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Shopping!!
x o –