You all know by now that I am a sucker for spots… I have been dying for some spotted drapery panels for a while, but was so bummed when Premiere Prints dropped their Togo pattern.  It was by far the best & most affordable option.  Especially for the amount of yardage needed for drapery.  That’s when a little lightbulb went off over my head!  I’ve painted drapery before… I could certainly do it again.  I contacted Royal Design Studio & voiced my need for a spectacular spotted stencil & they agreed to create one!  The best part is we were able to play with the spot design & make them a little more animal like vs ovals.  A nice hybrid between Thaibut’s & Premiere Prints.
As soon as the stencil was approved, they sent it my way & I got to work!  These beauties take some time… but are so worth it in the end.  My favorite part about this stencil is the fact that it is so organic that if you get crooked or happen to spill or smudge the paint, you can simply reposition the stencil or add an extra spot.  Foolproof I tell ya!
Black Acrylic Craft Paint
Textile Medium (optional)
Stencil Brush
I used the Ritva Ikea Drapery Panels this go around.  I liked the canvas look of our chevron drapes, but not the grommets hence the switch.  These also have a linen look which is a nice change as well.  I also added a little textile medium from the craft store in with my acrylic paint to soften the crunch factor.  Our chevron drapes are so stiff they literally stand on their own! Luckily, now I know textile medium exists.  Live & learn… 
I completed four panels with two 8 fl. oz. bottles of craft store acrylic paint with just a drop or two to spare.  And like the last time (remember this project?!?) I used my Martha Stewart Stencil Brushes from Michaels.  
Want to know the best part??!  This stencil is now available from Royal Design Studio Stencils!
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