I love love love wallpaper.  If only for the immediate and graphic gratification you get once it’s up and completed.  Paint can give you a drastic change… but not quite like the perfect wallcovering.  Wallpaper has gotten a bad wrap over the past few decades what with our chicken borders & grape motif papers that may have or may not have graced our kitchens & bathrooms growing up (love you mom) but nowadays you can find nearly any pattern in any color combination at any price range.  
My absolute favorite spaces to use wallpaper in are smaller rooms: entryways, powder rooms… there is just something so grand about filling these little spaces with a a graphic look that makes these little spaces seem more important.  It can also be a great way to tie different spaces together using the wallpaper as the pattern or color glue between the adjoining spaces.  Here are a few of my favorite examples of big patterns in little spaces.
via Matchbook Mag | Gen Sohr’s Home (my favorite ever!)
via Better Homes and Gardens
The other great thing about doing a smaller space is that you need less paper! When that’s the case I tend to splurge a bit for the higher quality stuff…  You can always install it yourself, but call around.  You would be surprised how inexpensive (& quick) it can be for a local installer to hang the paper.  I was too scared to hang the paper in CHloe’s closet because it was so expensive, so I hired someone.  They were in & out with no mess left over in less than an hour!  I would have been there all day with my head glued to the wall in some form or fashion.  
This weekend my mom (aka the wallpaper queen) will be in town & I am taking advantage of her expertise to makeover a little room in our home.  And if we are being honest, all the rooms in our home are little… but this one in particular is due for an upgrade!  I ordered samples of the papers below from Wallpaper Direct & I am so glad I did…. the ones I thought I would love in person was not the one I ended up with.  Can’t wait to show you all the mini room reveal when it’s all done.  Big Plans. Little Space.
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