It’s been an interesting month here at the Jackson household.  In between every person getting (& still having) this mystery two week death flu that’s going around, I have been feverishly (quite literally) making one room in our home a wintery wonderland.   That’s right.  I know it’s early… but you all still have to wait a bit to see the final results.  
I was fortunate enough to team up with the Home Depot Style Challenge team again to create a Wild Card Space this year which meant I could decorate any area in our home with the mystery items they sent me this past month.  It’s been fun.  I have been pretty sneaky with the Instagram previews… nothing too telling… and some of the previews wouldn’t even have you thinking Christmas!  Some of the changes to the space are everyday changes that I’ll be sharing soon.
It was up.  It’s coming down.  And in a month or so I’ll start all over again. lol. #mylife
This was my Dining Room I created for the Style Challenge Space last year for those of you that might be new this year…
This years look is quite different with some new ideas that anyone could implement into their own holiday (or everyday) decor.  I can’t wait to share the reveal!  
Now it’s back to our normal Holiday Schedule… Let’s get through Halloween now!
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