Months ago, the incredibly talented (& hilarious) Sherry Hart shared an Instagram pic of some splatter painted book covers while out on one of her fabulous shopping excursions… I have been thinking about them ever since.  Months people!!!  Well after sharing the idea with a client, I decided it was time to try them out for myself.  My friends I am happy to report that this was beyond easy, stress relieving & turned out a pretty chic result.  Chloe helped too & was having fun until she realized I was using her “rocket ship” (cardboard box) as my splatter booth.  Don’t worry all was well after the paint dried.
There are two ways you can accomplish this look.  The rebel way or the goody goody way.  I went with rebel… I simply took three hardcover books that were on our shelves that had zero interest to any of our family members & I painted them.  I gave them two coats of basic white primer, but any white paint would do.  After drying I went all 80’s on them & splattered them using black acrylic craft paint & a smaller paint brush.  Done & done.  The goody goody way would be to simply spatter paint some white paper & wrap the books like you did in middle school.  Both would achieve a similar look… my way just cut out the middle man. 
If the whole title thing is bothering you, you could always add a handwritten title on the spine which would look pretty great as well.  I think…
New accessories meant a little styling shuffling on our handmade console.  I added a few things from around the house including one of my husband’s vintage wooden boxes & my new favorite accessory from Furbish Studio.  Love my gold urchin!  I also stuck my Brass Trunk under the console… & I love it here!  This way, when Chloe wants one of her toys (that’s her toy box) I just slide it out & open it up, verses having to take off whatever was styled on top of it before.
Get your smocks on, tease your hair & get your splatter on people.  You know you want to.
x o –