New Bedding = A Luxurious New Look

I have a lot of readers & clients that all want a new look in their bedroom, but aren’t necessarily looking to redo the entire space!  Either due to budget or time, which let’s face it there are never enough of.  My first suggestion is always to switch up the bedding.  If you currently have patterned bedding switch to a new duvet, add in a luxurious sheet set & throw on some different pillows.  Switching these simple items out not only redefines the whole space but it also feels so nice to slip into some new sheets… am I right?!
And who wouldn’t want to slip into some embroidered sheets as gorgeous as these? 
I am officially in love with this Crane & Canopy Bedding.
It’s also nice to switch up looks between seasons.  By adding in some rich green velvet pillows & a touch of leopard, this bright & fresh Linden Coral Duvet is instantly ready for fall.
Want to know my favorite tip on taking your bedding to the next level?  Put your top sheet on upside down & layer with a mattelasse quilt.  That way when you fold these back your decorative edge of the sheet isn’t upside down.  Even if you don’t have a decorative edge or banding, there is still a finished side that will give your bed a more tailored look.
By keeping the main elements in your bedroom neutral in color, you are given the opportunity to switch up your look whenever you like.  And while the majority of our bedroom finds were either made (headboard, nightstand) or found at stores like Homegoods (drapery, area rug, lamps) here are a few sources that will let you get this look at home.
Thanks to Crane & Canopy for sending us this lovely bedding to inspire our new look.  Our bedroom is now ready for fall!  Now only if this hot weather would cooperate.