Online Vintage Shopping | My Go To Shops

I love my clients.  I really do.  And I was fortunate enough to work with one of my favorite clients on an amazing nursery (& living room!) When she forwarded her friend my way I was thrilled to get started.  And after she sent her images & inspirations I knew we would be a match made in heaven!
She too has a love of vintage & modern.  Lucite & brass are her friends & she isn’t scared of a little quirky element!  Separated at birth?!  Quite possibly. So when she asked me to help pull her living room together I went on the hunt.  And I am ready to move in.
While I have my favorite thrift stores around me locally, it is not always the easiest thing to select vintage items for my clients on the opposite side of the country.  It is far easier to shop the larger online stores for newer items, but sometimes you just need an authentic older piece to add a special touch to a room.  While I won’t be giving away all of the sources above… (that’s what she paid me to do… plus she has already purchased a lot of the vintage finds!)  I will be sharing some of my favorite online vintage retailers with you all so you can be experts too!
James & Frankie has some amazing vintage furniture finds that have already been refurbished.  What I appreciate in their pieces are the neutral upholstery choices in lux fabrics and classic paint/stain selections.  (Plus right now they have Free Shipping on their listed items!)

West 23rd St. Vintage is a great source for all things vintage.  I am partial to the bookends below as I have the same ones in our living room.  Kristy has a great eye & is always sharing her finds on Instagram before they are listed. ( )
House of Permberley not only is a great source for the best of the best high end designer fabric, but also some amazing vintage finds as well.  Kimber’s taste is impeccable & her shop is always full of the most stylish options in home decor.
As with any of these types of stores, inventory is what it is & is constantly turning over.  So I am always checking back & also using my go to phrases in searches on Etsy & eBay.
If you enter any of these categories you will be thrown into a wonderland of vintage beauty!  Some amazing… some not so much but you have to be willing to roll the dice.
I will share that one of my favorite “new” pieces in the design above was the Madison Mixer Bar Cart from Society Social.  It is the perfect mix between old & new & fit perfectly into my client’s new living room.  It was just delivered & it is a STUNNER!!