We are in the midst (literally, drills are going off in the background!) of redesigning our Laundry Room – cough cough – It’s a closet.  This project has been on the old to do list for umm about six years.  It is just one of those spaces where I have had zero inspiration for & honestly a complete disgust for.  I am not a laundry fan first off, & it is also what we called the Black Hole.  Things would go in there & never be seen or touched again.  But in my need to feel inspired I took to the world wide web for some solutions I could take away for our little Laundry Closet.  
First off… We are taking inspiration for our space.  Our little closet wouldn’t even fit one of these machines (seriously, we have a stacker unit) but what I do love is the use of pattern.  It makes doing the laundry a little more appealing to me.  I also love the idea of creating a styled space vs a utilitarian one.  While the space needs to serve a purpose it would be so much nicer if it were pretty too.  Incorporating chunky baskets, glass canisters, etc are all things we can take into our own spaces regardless of style or budget.
This simple space is again enhanced by just a few unique additions to update your basic laundry routine.  The painted checkerboard floor also adds such a timeless & classic element to this space.
What I wouldn’t give for this much space!  I love the mix of open & closed storage.  Being able to close off a few areas would certainly be a nice option.  I am also head over heels for their folding table…
Another example of how a simple backdrop can be taken to the next level with creative placement of accessories.  Love the old fashioned Candy Jar for those pods.  And wouldn’t you know I just passed up two of those at Goodwill the other day… as Chloe would say “Awe Nuts!”
Well stay tuned for our reveal later this week.  Hopefully it will help to inspire your space as well.
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