Laundry Room Redesign + $500 Home Depot GIveaway

Today I am sharing my dirty laundry… 
well technically my dirty Laundry Closet.  Recognize those doors?!  Yes, our Laundry Closet is in our Dining Room.  While not ideal, we have tried to work with it.  This area of our home has been a hot mess since move in day.  I appreciate the fact the previous homeowners did a little renovation here in order for us to house a washer/dryer stacker unit (otherwise we would be in the muddy crawl space…yeah) but there was not a lot of attention to detail paid back here.  Wire shelves were hung on 1×4’s that were Liquid Nails’d to the wall.  Drywall was not finished correctly in the corners & the oddest narrow alcove was left… more on that later.
Yes, there were shelves.  But they were those cheapo wire shelves that everything seems to fall through.  Plus all of the shelves were so deep it was nearly impossible to keep organized.  We have tried… this was at the end of our attempt.  Epic fail!
Like most of you, our laundry room serves a double purpose.  It also holds a good majority of our tools.  Which has been the worst part!  We have a lot of tools out in our shed, but I try to keep a good amount directly available… just in case I feel the need to hammer something immediately.  It happens often.  But the problem with tool bags is they are virtually impossible to keep organized. 
When Maytag, Tide & the Home Depot asked me to pair up & share tips to help others Redesign their space for the #BrilliantHEClean Campaign, we needed to take a hard look into our situation as well.
I am pleased to say that after a lot of planning, some serious work on the hubs’ part  & a handful of luck we were able to create a space that fills all of our needs.
After fixing some of the issues within the closet, we were able to find this stacking shelving unit from Martha Stewart Living Collection at the Home Depot.  This two piece unit ( top | bottom ) fit perfectly within our narrow space & allows for deeper storage on the bottom & smaller on the top.  
Wanting a little visual interest on zero budget I used a roll of Wrapping Paper along the back.  Love the dragonflies… but if I don’t in a few months it will be so easy to switch out.
Organizing your cleaning items, which lets face it aren’t always so cute, in decorative containers makes the chore of laundry a little more bearable.  Glass containers are great because you can see immediately what’s in them, but chalkboard labels work really well for solid containers.
I like using a more open weave basket for cleaning supplies.  This allows you (or others… someone else might clean someday) the ability to clearly see what the items are, while still containing them.
I have also recently switched to a very narrow hanger.  I have been able to fit double the clothes in half the space.  Great when the one thing you are lacking is space…
But… “Where are your Tools?!?”  I’m so glad you asked.  Remember that odd alcove we were left with…
That narrow alcove was just big enough (& I mean just!) to add a pegboard pocket door to store all of our must have at a drop of a hat tools.  And a few more…
There are so many accessories for organizing these pegboards… you can literally hang anything.
Even with a little creativity, I was able to store my wrapping paper collection so they don’t get ruined before I use them.  You know what I am talking about.  I ran a long piece of twine through the tube, tied a knot & simply hung it on one of the hooks.  Easy.
While not your typical laundry area, this is a space that now functions for us.  So don’t be afraid to allow a space to pull double duty for you.  The addition of a peg board would also be great for sports storage, pet accessories or a multitude of other options.  Yours doesn’t have to be on a sliding track, but just attached to a blank wall, behind a door, or even inside a cabinet.
Thanks to the #BrilliantHEClean campaign you can win a $5000 Laundry Room Redesign of your own, as well as a brand spanking new Maytag Powerwash Washer & Dryer set.  Did I mention you win an eDesign by Jenny Komenda of the Little Green Notebook for your Laundry Room!  Crazy good.  Sign ya up right?!  Well all you have to do is follow this link to enter.  
And if all of that couldn’t get any better, you all can enter to win a $500 Gift Card to the Home Depot plus a sample of Tide to help start your own Laundry Room Redesign!
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