While thrifting a few weeks ago, I came across an end table.  Or at least what I thought was an end table.  After getting the gentleman sitting in the chair next to it to lift his arm off of it… I discovered it was actually a vintage sewing table…. more on that later.
The lines were classic & clean.  The proportions were there.  And the price was right.  I scooped it up.
Thanks to an Instagram filter (this baby looked far better in the picture… Anyone who has done a selfie knows what I am talking about!)  Initially intending to take the wood to a different stain I began to inspect the piece further… There were scratches & dings, all things I could live with after a little sanding, but upon further investigation I realized the applied moulding was plastic… Bummer.  Also, the pulls while very pretty & full of potential were light weight & flimsy… & I am a hardware snob.
So I pulled out the paint sprayer & went on with plan B & I have to say, this has turned into one of my favorite transformations ever.
With the addition of a little paint, some mirrored panels & some of the most beautiful pulls I have ever seen, this little sewing table got one glam makeover.
These gorgeous Starburst Pulls are designed exclusively for Pulp Home & they are little works of art.
A classic design that will stand the test of time.  Love.
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I have always wanted to include a mirrored piece into our home, but the price was never right.  This was an easy update that instantly added a high end look to a simple table.  I had our local hardware store cut the mirror to size (for $1.40 a square!) then I drilled a hole through the center using a glass drill bit.  I am having to hold myself back from mirroring ever drawer in sight it was so easy.
While we will be using this as an end table for now, the goal is to actually fill the housing with a sewing machine lift (as our table was missing the hardware) and place our 1921 Singer Sewing Machine inside the table.  I would love to make this as functional as it is beautiful!