Last Friday I wrote a post over at Creative Home on Desk Styling tips & tricks & really needed to put my own advice into action now that we got our new iMac.  Love our new computer so much, but some necessary changes had to be made…

For one, we had to cut out the bottom shelf from our Hutch.  The screen was so large it just wouldn’t fit.  My eyes are thanking me though!  At least now I am not squinting at the screen.

Removing the lower shelf left a lot of mirror!  And while I am working at the desk, I don’t neccessarily want to look at my mug as well.  So while stopping by our local thrift store I picked up a cork board for 99 cents, painted it white & added some inspiration images.

Fortunately, I found a Antiqued Brass Task Lamp at Homegoods a few weeks back.  Love the option of having some extra light.  And the fact that it is beautiful doesn’t hurt either.

I also switched up my desk chair… Love my new antique beauty in the Aurora Fabric.  Even though more than 60% of you told me to go with pink trim when I posed the question on Instagram, I went with my first instinct & went with the linen.  It felt a little more sophisticated.
And the desktop image came from here… Throwback humor at it’s finest!
Plus, this little corner had to get styled up for something kinda major… a feature… of quite possibly the coolest variety in my eyes!  And also maybe in a magazine too!  Although, I probably just jinxed myself.
Other Items in this post that have been previously discussed:
Draperies were a stenciled drop cloth.
Happy Monday!!