This project could not be any easier.  It requires little sewing (if any… other options available) & just a few inexpensive materials you may just have on hand already.
Fabric Placemat
Seam Ripper
Pillow Filling
Neddle + Thread
Choose your fabric placemat of choice… mine happened to be sitting around the house for a few years. It was from World Market back in the day.
Use a seam ripper to open one of the narrow sides just enough to fill with your fluff.  Stitch the opening back up… Or StitchWich it… or Glue it… No judgements.  Pillow complete.  
You can leave it there, or if you are willing to spend 10 extra minutes you can add these simple pom poms.  I choose to use a space dyed multi colored yarn to add some serious color accent to this pillow.  I remember making these as a child, but if you need a refresher head on over to Kristen F Davis Designs for the details.  (Her little make up bags turned out ridiculously adorable.)
Once done with the pom poms, simply hand stitch them onto the corners & you are the proud new owner of a pretty cute accent pillow.  Can’t wait to share where this little guy is going to be spending his time. 
Happy Friday!