Outdoor Cushion Covers to the Rescue!

First things first… we love our patio makeover.  And try to use it as often as possible.
But when the rain is coming down like this for weeks at a time… it’s hard to enjoy.
(but a family still has to grill.  At least the pergolas comes in handy as an excellent umbrella holder!)
The main problem are the pillows… Yes they are “Outdoor” Cushions, I want to maintain the beauty of these babies as long as possible.  The pergola was a great addition that provides an amazing amount of shade, but the shade keeps the pillows from drying out when they do get wet.  And who really wants to sit on a soggy seat?!  Not this girl.  So this is what was happening at our home every time a storm hit…
Twenty Three cushions thrown into our tiny kitchen & then eventually making their way into the dining room making it pretty impossible to walk around in there.
So when Classic Accessories asked if I would like to review some of there outdoor covers I immediately said “please!!!”
Rather than a cover for the entire sectional (which we had customized by adding an additional seat) we opted for two of the Ravenna Cushion Bags that we can throw our cushions in & store on the deck…  In the rain…  And have zero worries about.  
It’s so nice to walk around the house again without jumping over pillows turned into forts.
The one recommendation Classic Accessories gave us was to store the bags upside down (zipper down) & slid under an eve for added protection.  These have withstood some torrential downpours the past few weeks & our cushions still look brand new.  Bonus!  
And when not in use, we simply fold them up and slide them under the sectional. Done.
Have y’all had the wettest summer ever?!?  We seriously need some sunshine.
*Products were provided to me from Classic Accessories to review.  However all opinions & images are my own.